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Our Products : Medical Gas Mixtures
Medical Gas Mixtures
Importer & Supplier of Medical Gas Mixtures & Aerobic Medical Gas Mixtures. Our product range also comprises of Speciality Gases and Liquid nitrogen.
Medical Gas Mixtures
Aerobic Mixtures (2.5%CO2+21% O2+BAL N2)
(5%CO2+21%O2+BAL N2)
Anaerobic Mixtures (5%CO2+10%H2+BAL N2)
(10%CO2+5%H2+BAL N2)
(3%H2+BAL CO2)
(5%CO2+BAL N2)
Blood Gas Mixtures (5%CO2+BAL N2)
(10%CO2+BAL N2)
(5%CO2+12%O2+BAL N2)
(8%CO2+12%O2+BAL N2)
(12%CO2+21%O2+BAL N2)
Carbon Dioxide Oxygen Mixtures (5%CO2+BAL O2)
(10%CO2+BAL O2)
Helium Oxygen Mixtures (20%O2+BAL HE)
(30%O2+BAL HE)
Surgical Laser Gas Mixtures (4.5%CO2+13.5%N2+BAL HE)
(6%CO2+14%N2+BAL HE)
(7%CO2+14%N2+BAL HE)
(9%CO2+15%N2+BAL HE)
(9.4%CO2+19.25%N2+BAL HE)
Lung Diffusion Mixtures (01%CO2+1%O2+BAL N2)
(0.3%CO2+10%O2+10%HE+BAL N2)
(0.3%CO2+21%O2+0.5%NE+BAL N2)
(0.28% CO+ 14% He +18% O2 +BAL N2)
(0.28% CO+ 09% He +19% O2 +BAL N2)
Oxyfume 12 (12%ETO+BAL dichlorodifluoromethane)
Pulmonary Function mixtures (CO+HE+O2+BAL N2)
Trio Gas mixture (IFV gas) (6%CO2+5%O2+BAL N2)
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