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Our Products : Krypton Gasess
Krypton Gases
KRYPTON of ultra high purity Grade 5.8
Purity of gas not less than - 99, 9998%.

The VIMAL CYLINDER SUPPLIER delivers gas KRYPTON of ultra high purity 99,9998% as per description, certificate and in accordance with the data for shipment OR transport. Information on the delivery terms and prices is provided in accordance with your inquiry.

Application of KRYPTON: Pure krypton is used: Production of incandescent bulbs and fluorescent light tubes, Chemical technology, Gas ionic laser, Exotic diving gases, Production of thermally efficient windows, Gas mixtures for various application

Description of KRYPTON: KRYPTON gas is monatomic, odorless, colorless, tasteless, nontoxic, chemically inert, inorganic. KRYPTON content in the Earth atmosphere is 0,000114% by volume and 0,0003% by weight.

Krypton was discovered in Britain in 1898 by Sir William Ramsay a Scottish chemist and Morris Travers an English chemist in residue left from evaporating nearly all components of liquid air. William Ramsay was awarded the 1904 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for discovery of a series of noble gases, including krypton.
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