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Hydrogen Sulphide
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Hydrogen sulphide occurs as a by-product from many chemical process. It is an off-gas in the production of viscose rayon, synthetic rubber, various petroleum products, and dyes, as well as leather processing . It can also be manufactured of many mentallic sulphides with a minerial acid such as hydrochloric or suphuric acid.

Applications :
Small quantities of hydrogen sulphide are used as a dopent for indium phosphide and gallium arsenide semiconductors, and as a precursor for the growth of zinc sulphide semiconductors.

Hydrogen sulphide is used for metal separation, removal of metallic impurities, and for preparation of metallic sulphides. In hot wire galvanizing it is used in conjunction with natural gas to speed up the galvanizing process.

Hydrogen sulphide is to regenerate certain types of catalyst used in the petrochemical industry.

Hydrogen sulphide is used in calibration mixtures for the petrochemical industry.

Hydrogen sulphide is use in maxture for emissin control applications.

Hydrogen sulphide is use as an analytical reagent in chemical analysis.

Hydrogen sulphide is use for preparation of phophors oil additives and for production of additives for high pressure lubricants and cutting oils.

Hydrogen sulphide is used in the chemical industry for production of sulphurated compounds, as mercaptans, suplhides, etc.

Hydrogen sulphide is also used as a solvent and as an odorant in town gas.

Hydrogen sulphide is used in the separetion of heavy water, from normal water with some nuclear power station.

Hydrogen sulphide is used for surface treatment of metals.
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