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Our Products : Diborane Hexahydride
Diborane Hexahydride
We are a leading Importer & Supplier of Diborane Hexahydride such as Diborane Gas and Diborane Mix from India.

Source :
diborane is manufactured by addition of boron trifluoride to a solution of borohydride in diethlene glycol dimethyl ether.

Applications :
  • Diborane is a catalyst for ethylenic, styene, acrylic and vinyl polymerization.
  • Diborane is used as a rubber vulcanizer.
  • Diborane is used as a reducing agent.
  • Diborane is used as a flame speed accelerator.
  • Dibirane is an intermediate for preparation of boron hydrides of higher molecular weight.
  • Diborane is used for conversion of olefins to trialkyl boranes and primary alcohols.
  • Ddiborane serves as a strong but selective reducing agent in organic chemistry.
  • The addition of diborane to olefins (hydroboration) has great significance in preparetive chemistry. In the presence of an ether, diborane forms an alkyl borane, in an anti-markownikoff mode.
  • further areas of application for diborane are the doping of semiconductor silicon and germanium.
  • Diborane is used in the process of creating hardened metal surfaces for better wear resistance.
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