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Deuterium Gas
Source :
silane is production by the reduction of tetrachloride by metal hydrides such as lithium or calcium aluminium hydride.

Silane is produced by treatment of magnesium silicide with hydrochloric acid.

Applications :
Silane is used in the production of special glasses to provide a reflecctive coating.

Silane is one of the basic materials of the silicon semiconductor industry. It is used as a source of silicon for growing policrystalline and epitaxial (monocrystalline) silicon, silicon dioxide, silicon nitride and doping of gallium arsenide.

Silane is also used as a dopant in the production of compound semiconductor devices, for chemical vapour deposition of refractory metal silicides, and for deposition of amorphous silicon on photocopier drums.

Silane is also used in the production of photovotaic cells.

Silane is used in the production process of optical fibers.

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