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Our Products : Argon (Ar) (R-740)
Argon (Ar) (R-740)
The most common source of argon is an air sepration plant. Air contain appox 0.93%(vol) argon. a crude argon stream containing up to 5% oxygenis removed from the main air sepration column vai a secondary column the crude argon is the further purified to produce the various commercial grades required .

Argon may also be recovered form the exhaust streams of certianammoinia plants.

Argon is one of most common carrier gases in gas chromotography. argon is used as a carrier gas in sputtering plsma etching and ion implantations and a blanket atmoshpere in crystal growth.

Argon is also the choice gas for ICP SpectroScopy.

Argon is used in atomic absorption spectrometry as a blanket gas in the graaphite furnace.
one of the most common application of argon , either pure or in various mixtures, is a shilding gas of arc welding.

Argon is used in blends with fluorine and helium in excimer lasers.

Argon is one of the principal gas used for filling incandescent lamps , generally in a mixture with nitrogen , krypton or neon, for phosphorescent tubes in mixture with neon, helium and mercury vapour and for thyratron radio tubes in mixtures with neon.

Argon is used as an insulation gas in high-effciency multi-pane windows to improve thermal insulation.

Liquid argon is used in cryosurgery e.g., cryoablation to destroy cancer cells.

Argon ,R-740, is used in gas mixtures for non-CFC ultralow temperature refrigeration application.
the pharmaceutical industry used argon to displace oxygen in the top of intravenous drug containers, extending product shelf-life
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