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Our Products : Ammonia (NH3) (R-717)
Ammonia (NH3) (R-717)
Importer & Supplier of Ammonia (NH3) (R-717) & Anhydrous Ammonia (NH3) R-717. Our product range also comprises of Speciality Gases and Liquid nitrogen.

Ammonia is manufactured by the Haber-Bosch Process,Consisting of a direct reaction between hydrogen and Nitrogen, in the molar proportions

Anhydrous ammonia is one of the oldest commercial refrierants known. it is used in both absorption and compression type sysems. it has the ASHRAE number R-717. it is used extensively in soil fertilization. in this application it is used in the form of ammonia , ammonia salts, nitrates, and urea. it is also added to fertilizers containing superphosphates and in making nitrogen containing solutions which consists of ammoinia and ammoinium nitrate, or urea, or both in water.anhydrous ammoinia is applied to the soil by direct injection or by addition to irrigation water.anhydrous ammoinia is also used in combinationwith chlorine to purify municipal and industrial water supplies.

Ammonia , rather dissociated ammonia,is used in such metal treating operations as nitriding, carbo-nitriding, bright annealing ,furnace brazing ,sintering , sodium hydride deseccaling, atomic hydrogen welding , and other application where protective atmospheres are is used in exracting sucj metals copper, nickel ,and molydbenum from their ores. it is also used to reduce atmosphere in heat treatment of metals and for the fabrication of silicium nitride.

Ammonia is used as componet in calibration gas mixture for gas detection systems as well as environmental emission monitoring.

Ammonia is widely used in the semiconductor indstry.

Ammonia is used in the production of blue and white LEDs.

Ammoina is also used to produce proteins and can be used to improve the protein content of low quality hay.

Ammonia is a reagent in copying machines.

Ammoinia is used in the production of hydrogen cyanide.

As a processing agent,ammonia is used in the manufacturing of alkalis, ammonium salts, dyes, pharmaceuticals,cuprammonium rayon,and nylon
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