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Our Products : Air, Zero Air, Synthetic Air
Air, Zero Air, Synthetic Air
Synthetic air is produced by mixting pure oxygen (20%) and Pure NItrogen (80%). This eliminates all kind of impurities present in normal ambient air.

Air is a source of oxygen and nitrogen.

Air is the source of oxygen for burning , respiration of plants and animals, decay, adn industrial oxidations.

Synthetic air is used as zero gas in the running and calibration od environmental monitoring and test measurements where level of sulphur and nitric oxides can effect the measurement equipment.

Synthetic air is used in medical gas mixture.

Synthetic air is regularly used as the oxidizer for flame ionization detectors in chromatography and total hydrocarbon analyzer.

Syntheic Air is used together with acetylene in atomic absorption flame spectrometry.

Synthetic are is used as a balance gas for many calibration gases.